Maintenance laptop and external hard drive

maintenance laptop

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What is a maintenance laptopwill

Maintenance, or PLC laptop, is an industrial grade workstation. It consists of the latest  Windows 10 operating system and several other operating systems. They are Window 7 Pro 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64, and any other, such as Linux. Historically, different PLC makes recommend different operating systems for their own software. End-users and companies might have an old equipment which needs old operating system.  Our solution will solve any problem in having which of operating systems on one dedicated laptop. This laptop is using an industry leader solution known as Virtual Machine. With the help of Virtual Machine we will install several operating systems and they will operate concurrently. Also,we offer hundreds of other PLC/HMI and SCADA software that we will install, activate and test before shipping. Please refer to the following WEB page for details.

Why we need external hard drives (EHD)

This solution is very handy when a local computer is offered instead of using your own. Other reason might be when you need not to be invisible on the local network. We offer many different products to accommodate your preferences in having one or another set of PLC/HMI/SCADA software installed, activated and tested prior to shipping. This product becomes very popular among PLC programmers and maintenance electricians for their small size and cost. Please refer to the following WEB page for details.

For both solutions we provide a list of PLC software installed, its name, type, and model.

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