External Hard Drive

All you need to do is to plug this External Hard Drive (EHD) into any computer.  When you boot it up you will have a selection of different PLC, HMI or SCADA programs you can choose from. No other additional hardware or software. This solution becomes very popular among PLC technicians, field servicemen and technologies who need to do PLC troubleshooting at the client site. It becomes very convenient expecially there are some restrictions preventing them from using their own laptops. Addiotional feature to use EHD is the fact that it becomes invisible to the local network as it uses the host computer’s network access.

Why do we need external hard drives (EHD)? 

  • This is a very handy solution when a shop computer is offered instead of using your own.
  • It could be another reason when you want to be invisible to the local network. We offer many different products to accommodate your preferences in having one or another set of PLC/HMI/SCADA software installed, activated and tested prior to shipping.
  • This product becomes very popular among PLC programmers and maintenance electricians for their small size and cost.
  • Please refer to the following WEB page for details.

How the EHD works

  • All you need to do is to plug the EHD to any existing computer, a laptop or a desktop, right to an available USB port, preferably, USB 3.0 port ( blue color inside the port).the you need to boot computer into this USB hard drive.
  • It might take a few minutes until an operating system inside the EHD, that is Windows 10, will boot up and load all drivers from the host computer.
  • The host computer stays dormant for the whole time until you shut down the EHD.

External Hard Drive (EHD) Specifications

External hard drive mfrKingston, WD, AData, Seagate, etc.
EHD typeSolid-State Drive (SSD)
Capacity120GB, 240GB, or 500GB
Enclosure typeUSB 3.0
Transfer rate300 mbps or better, read/write
External power sourceN/A
Host operating systemWindows 10
Virtual operating systemWindows 7 Pro 64-bit, WinXP
Additional software:MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
 PDF Adobe readerVirtual Machine: VMWare or Virtual Box
          VLC Video PlaayerCcleaner and other Utilities

External hard drives (EHD) comes in several different shapes:

  1. External magnetic hard drive, also known as a high density drive, and abbreviated as HDD.  It is available from 60 GB to 4TB.
  2. Solid state hard drive, abbreviated as SSD. It is available from 120 GB to 2TB.
  3. USB flash drive, knows as USB Stick. It is available from 16GB to 512GB.

Below is a list of all EHD are offered for sale through our store;

EHD Rockwell Automation

EHD Siemens Automation

EHD Schneider Electric

EHD General Electric

EHD Mitsubishi 

EHD Panasonic

EHD Omton

All details about these drives can be accessed by clicking on their names above or from the page header and Products/External Hard Drives. All prices with recommended PLC software are listed here.


Please refer to External Hard Drive Price List page for details on different versions of the EHD.

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