External hard drive, either Solid-State (SSD) or Magnetic (HHD) is assembled into enclosure with SATA3 and USB 3.0 interface with communication cable.





01.    FPWIN Pro v7.11

02.    FPWIN Pro SP v7.150

03.    FPWIN_GR_2.940



For the local customers the payment is in cash only. For out of town customers the payment by PayPal.

Note 1: all software has been activated, registered, and tested with no time limit.

Note 2: any additional software from this manufacturer might be added by request to the list above prior to purchase.

Note 3: free delivery across Canada and US.

Note 4: one hour training over Skype or TeamViewer is provide.

Note 5: any individual software program, installed and activated on USB drive, can be selected from Technology\PLC Software\Panasonic page.

Additional Information:

Bootable External Hard Drive

This External Hard Drive can be configured to run Windows operating system. In this case it could be connected to any laptop or PC and it will operate as Windows 7 Professional. All you will need to do is to boot your computer from USB drive. All computer’s peripherals will be taken over by the USB drive. This solution will require licenced Windows 7 OS, VMWare software, and Microsoft Office, as well as several utilities to mimic your laptop or PC.

Addition cost for this solution will be $225.


  1. Solid State Hard Drive 240GB, with enclosure and cable
  2. Software in addition to those listed above:
    • Windows 7 Professional
    • Microsoft Office 2016
    • Antivirus, Ccleaner
    • Adobe Reader
    • TeamViewer
    • VMWare.

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