WEB Servers asPLC

The following video demonstrates the top-of-the-art device, which offers several services, such as networking, PLC communication, WEB server, HMI design and Remote Access, all in one:


  • PLC HMI Web enables the visualization of faults and alarms to be displayed in any web browser. It is realized as a Java script, which queries the display information from the web server.
  • This includes the Java script, the basic HTML page(s) for the visualization, and all images required in the visualization.
  • Web server should be programmed in accordance with Downtime Reduction Service guidance.
  • The guidance recommends displaying fault and alarm pages on the HMI using standard WEB browser.
  • WEB HMI can communicate to the PLC through a wired or Wi-Fi protocol. We suggest to use a Tablet HMI for this purpose.


  • On the server side the web server must be configured accordingly.
  • On the client side, as a minimum Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari must be available.


  • In order to minimize the risk of data security violations, the following organizational and technical measures are recommended to the system.,
  • Exposure of the PLC and the control network to open networks and the Internet should be avoided, as far as possible.
  • Use an additional data link layers, such as a VPN, for remote access and install firewall mechanisms for protection.
  • Restrict access to authorized persons by changing any default passwords during first commissioning and then at regular intervals.

Commissioning the PLC HMI Web

  • Step 1: Configuration of the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

The PLC HMI Web uses the Microsoft IIS as web server. The IIS has to be configured accordingly.

  • Step 2: Adding the target web visualization object

The object ‘WebVisualization’ enables the PLC HMI Web. It can be added to the visualization manager object by right-clicking under ‘Add’. The object ‘WebVisualization’ automatically creates a visualization task ‘VISU_TASK’ in the solution and a reference to this task in the project. The reference is used to call the visualization code. For more information please contact our service department.

Please refer to our tablet products for details and selection.



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