What is Downtime Reduction?

Downtime Reduction is the result of many years progressive experience gained by servicing automation equipment for many industries and companies In Canada, US and abroad. Downtime Reduction is a methodology, a know-how technique and practice of shorting troubleshooting time and simplifying vast number of technical documentation associated to production machinery and its control.

Who is a Downtime Reduction Group?

We are a group of Professional Engineers, electrical and mechanical technologists, process control and systems integrators, PLC and HMI programmers, supervisory control and data acquisition specialists, network installers, as well as the professional problem solvers. As a part of our regular project development we provide technical training and knowledge update to all our customers.

How Downtime Reduction works?

There are four main components in downtime reduction process. (1) Creating Unified Logic — combine all schematics (electrical, process, HMI screen, and PLC logic) into one drawing. (2) Create alarm and fault screens to display all input/output conditions of all software and hardware devices to display their statuses online, offline and during fault states.(3) Use tablet for item (2) to monitor all faults and alarms. (4) Maintenance crew training.

What tech support you can offer?

We supply unique solution to maintenance electricians and PLC technicians. This solution comes in two flavours:

  1. PLC maintenance laptop, which consists all PLC/HMI and SCADA software that might be needed by your maintenance personnel to do the troubleshooting. Based on your production floor and PLC makes we will load this laptop computer with appropriate software, install it, configure, activate, and tesIn caste every part of it.
  2. In situations when your production floor have more than a single PLC make we provide an external USB hard drive with other software to take care of different PLC makes.

When can we see your presentation?

You can get in touch with us by phone (437) 889 -3183 or use the form under the contact page. Alternatively, you can use the quick and easy online booking page, which is the method we prefer. Our presentation usually takes 15 to 20 min depending on how many people arel present. During presentation, you will get a pretty good idea about our products and get a feel on type of service and support you can expect.

Is there software update available ?

Yes, we do. WE offer the latest versions of the software. We also provide any required firmware to be compatible to your PLC and HMI hardware. In addition, we offer a a help-desk support to your maintenance crew on ony hardware and software you purchase from us. An additional warranty tech support will be also available beyond a regular manufacturing warranties. Extra warranties and their cost per product are listed in our price list.

What is a PLC laptop?

When your plant is of a medium size you might have several PLC technicians who are servicing you production machinery when they go down. I they are new to that equipment they need to connect there laptops and conduct troubleshooting with the use of a PLC software to observe it on the laptop’s screen. Those laptops sometimes stop working and need to be fixed and/or replaced. We offer a new Maintenance Laptop and External Hard Drive.

How useful is an external hard drive?

When your shop laptop is not working or it is used by other electrician, you can still do any troubleshooting work by using an external hard drive with all software you need by plugging it to any other laptop or desktop and booting it up. It is also convenient when you have many PLC of different make. As a rule, we don’t have more than one operating system, usually Windows 7 Pro. In this case our EHD will do anything you want for a fraction of the cost.

How long will it take to build a PLC laptop?

After an initial meeting with people who is going to use this laptop and any other who as well we well get an industrial grade workstation notebook computer, then we load this computer with operating system, usually Windows 7 Professional. However, if you insist to have any other operating systems we will install them as well. Either you purchase a stand alone laptop or and external hard drive, Windows 10 will have Windows 7 Pro installed.

How can I purchase anything from this site?

You will have to contact expert@dwntme.net and explain your requirements.  Then the method of payment will be explained to you.

What is the mission of this site?

To help PLC programmers to use a new Downtime Reduction Methodology to save money to their clients and companies they working for.

What kind of benefits I can get by using this site

There are several things which will be very benefitial to anyone:

  1. You can purchase any PLC/HMI/SCADA software from this site.
  2. You can get a new type of hardware, that is the External Hard Drive, which will be bootable and it will contain PLC software.
  3. All software on external hard drive or USB stick are activated without time limit.
  4. Another great benefit is a library of CAD software with training at the fraction of its market price.

Ask us a Question

Feel free to ask Downtime Reduction Group administrator related questions over the phone, or send your question via this form below. Your message will be dispatched directly to our staff who will answer you question as soon as they can.

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