PLC Wifi

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you mean by “wireless applications”? Is wireless ready for the factory floor?

  • Wireless applications are network applications where the cost and/or complexity of installing cabling is a barrier to solving an application problem. 
  • Wireless-N promises to change wireless Ethernet in the same way that full duplex 100MBps changed wired Ethernet, making real-time control practical for mainstream applications. 

Are wireless networks secure?

Yes. All major PLC manufacturers implement wireless solution which features a security service with logical locks to protect intellectual property and functional information

What are the attributes of Wireless-N that make it suitable for Factory Automation?

Wireless-N technology provides the resiliency and deterministic, high-speed performance to meet the needs of mobile workers and of real-time communication between controllers and I/O. Improvements to Wireless-N over previous technologies (802.11abg) include significant performance increases as well as the addition of features included in the N standard, including:

  • dual-frequency transmission
  • communication retries
  • better sensitivity
  • improved immunity to reflections
  • reduced latency and increased packet rates


Product Code: WIFI ETH-PPI

  • Support: Delta DVP series \ Mitsubishi series FX Q \ Siemens S7-200 / 300/400 series \ Thinget XC series \ Yonghong FBS series \ Kuwait Series \ LG series \ Panasonic series \ AB series \ OMRON CPM series, and others.
  • Support: Almost all RS232 and RS422 communication port PLC
  • Support: Some RS485 series PLC
  • Support: variety of configuration software and programming software Baud rate; 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200! ! Data bits \ parity bit arbitrarily set !!
  • Support XP, Win7 32 bit 64-bit, Win8/8.1 operating system.


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